Zanu PF Land Barons Scam Residents

Langton Ncube | Hundreds of desperate home-seekers in Harare South have lost over US$5000 to local Zanu PF land barons. The victims, most of them Zanu PF supporters said this happened last week when unidentified Zanu PF officials congregated “us” near Stone-Ridge farm in Harare South, and said they had been given land by the party

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Defiant Tsvangirai And Mujuru To March In Harare Tomorrow

Staff Reporter | In the face of threats of arrest opposition leaders, Morgan Tsvangirai and Joice Mujuru have come out to assure their supporters that they are not intimidated, the NERA protest slated for tomorrow is on and they will together with others lead it. Home Affairs Minister Ignatius Chombo has threatened the leaders with

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The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange is a big disappointment right now

They went and took offline what was probably Zimbabwe’s most useful website. And I mean “useful” in the sense of its importance to the country’s economy. The ZSE website which we celebrated at launch in 2013 has been taken down, and its place is this – a couple of pages not of much use to anyone looking to understand the […]

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The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange is a big disappointment right now

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Bloodless Zanu PF MPs Cause Police Brutality

Silas Memory Madondo | The blocked Anti-Police Brutality Motion proposed by Hon . Nelson Chamisa could have been used by the government of Zimbabwe to normalize the boiling temperature between the police and the Zimbabwean citizens. Hon Chamisa and his party MDC-T demonstrated (through the proposed motion) that they value peaceful means of conflict resolution. On

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Opposition parties demands electoral reforms ahead of 2018 elections

Statement by leaders of the political parties under the banner of the National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA)

Source: Opposition parties demands electoral reforms ahead of 2018 elections – The Zimbabwean 25.08.2016

Leaders of political parties here present
Invited Guests and members of the press
Good afternoon everyone.

As leaders of various political parties under the banner of the National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) we welcome you to this press conference.

Firstly, our gathering here to issue a joint statement as leaders of different political parties is a cause for national celebration. This is because Zimbabweans for a long time have been crying for political parties to speak with one voice. Our gathering here confirms that this is slowly becoming a reality. We remain in discussion with our colleagues in the broader democratic movement and even if you do not see some of the leaders here, do not be disheartened because we have a continuous conversation that is taking place for all of us to work together ahead of the next watershed election in 2018.

We have called this press conference to announce that tomorrow’s march to press for comprehensive electoral reforms is going ahead as planned. As political parties, we call upon the people of Zimbabwe to come out in their numbers so that we make a loud national expression to demand comprehensive electoral reforms that will ensure that we move away from the culture of contested electoral outcomes.

During our march tomorrow, we will hand over a petition to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and the procession will culminate in an address to the people by the leaders of the political parties.

As political parties, we have realized that at the centre of the current national crisis is the crisis of legitimacy. We are not only demanding the implementation of electoral reforms, but also the announcement of a clear road-map to the next election by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission—-a road-map complete with processes and time-frames.

We are calling on Zimbabweans to come out in their numbers tomorrow in support of this legitimate cause of demanding a truly free and fair election. We are also calling on SADC, specifically the current chair of SADC, to remain seized with the issue of Zimbabwe and to ensure that the electoral field in this country is leveled ahead of the next election. SADC must remain seized with the issue of Zimbabwe where the current unraveling economic crisis is just but a mirror of the underlying political crisis of legitimacy.
As political parties, we have complied with the law in that we have notified the police of our peaceful march tomorrow.

To the people of Zimbabwe, we say come in your numbers for the sake of the country that we all love.
I thank you.

Mr. Didymus N. E. Mutasa
For and on behalf of the political leaders of NERA

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Facebook Live now available to all Zimbabwean users, opens up opportunities of citizen broadcasting

Anyone can now live stream from their account, literally accessing broadcast services (which used to be privileged) to everyone with a smartphone, a Facebook account and an internet connection that’s good enough to go live.

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Facebook Live now available to all Zimbabwean users, opens up opportunities of citizen broadcasting

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BREAKING NEWS: Mujuru, Tsvangirai Face Arrest

Shamiso Joylene Mtandwa | Opposition leaders Morgan Tsvangirai and Joyce Mujuru will be arrested on site at the proposed NERA march scheduled for Harare tomorrow, Home Affairs Minister Ignatius Chombo has threatened. Speaking to the media last night, Chombo declared that the police will definitely pick up the opposition leaders who are going to be

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MDC calls Ignatious Chombo to order

The MDC takes great exception to the Minister of Home Affairs, Ignatious Chombo’s reckless, ill – conceived and careless statement, apportioning blame of the ongoing citizen protest to President Morgan Tsvangirai. Chombo’s misplaced utterances are typical of the Zanu PF regime’s culture of denialism of the deepening political and socio-economic crisis that the regime has created through decades of economic mismanagement, looting of State resources ,rampant corruption and misgovernance.

Source: MDC calls Ignatious Chombo to order – The Zimbabwean 25.08.2016

When Chombo and his fellow Zanu PF corrupt elites were involved in the unrestrained and unmitigated looting of state coffers and other public resources, they should have known better that the down-trodden and oppressed citizens of Zimbabwe would one day rightfully demand their share of the national cake. The MDC is completely unfazed by such ill-conceived and unreasonable utterances by corrupt ruling party politicians in the mould of Ignatious Chombo. Instead, we call upon Chombo and his coterie of corrupt and failed Zanu PF regime apologists to listen to the people and immediately address pressing national issues such as the deepening socio-economic crisis where millions of young Zimbabweans are facing a bleak future of joblessness and hopelessness.

Chombo might be an unparalleled champion of corruption and looting but then, we would like to draw it to his attention that he cannot succeed in intimidating and bullying the toiling masses of Zimbabweans into accepting and sanitising an obviously corrupt system which has plunged them to unprecedented levels of poverty and penury.

The overly arrogant Minister of Home affairs of the illegitimate, bankrupt and crumbling Zanu PF regime is clearly behaving like a village bully and shameless political thug. Chombo should be reminded that one day, very soon, he shall be called upon to account for the loot and filthy wealth that he has accumulated as one of the leading members of the collapsing Zanu PF regime. The people of Zimbabwe are not fools. They know, who, exactly, is behind their suffering and daily life of strife.




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Msipa Warns Mugabe Will Fall To Opposition Coalition

Former Midlands governor and ex-Zanu PF politburo member Cephas Msipa has said it would be folly for his party to ignore the demands of the people, particularly in the wake of reports of plans by opposition parties to form a coalition against President Robert Mugabe. Msipa yesterday said in any democratic country, it would be

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Zimbabwe’s race to the bottom accelerates

“Falsehood and favouritism has long dominated political strategy. Most politicians use rhetoric, half-truths, glittering generalities and the sin of omission, biased framing, and other types of deception (to counteract and discredit the emergence of political rivals and) to appeal to the greatest number of people possible for election or re-election.”- Jack Hari; Systems thinking. In brackets is my addition.

Source: Zimbabwe’s race to the bottom accelerates – The Zimbabwean 25.08.2016

A race to the bottom occurs when the social, political and economic environment of any country deteriorates significantly while politicians and those in public office continue to use several deception strategies to deny and hide the true facts. This is the case currently in Zimbabwe.

It’s a scenario of one calamity after another as those “in power” do their best to deny, reframe or ignore the realities on the ground. At worst they will arrest those who dare to speak truth to power as we are witnessing. It is an unending degenerating vicious cycle which is helped along by the naked lies of those charlatans who seek and are paid to create false sense of normality at all costs. As we face a crisis in Zimbabwe, the deception machinery is at its peak as the state media tries to paint a false picture of our reality while discrediting perceived political competitors and change agents.

We are certainly witnessing continued denials of responsibility for the deteriorating socio-economic conditions by ZANU (PF). We are also seeing the deterioration in the social values and ethics of our society as a whole with the state media at the centre of it. The recent gutter reporting on Mujuru and the attempted discrediting of social movements and war veterans is but an indication that Zimbabwe is fast racing to the bottom however, this is typical of systems that are atrophying. The beginning of the end is here.

In his paper on systems thinking, Jack Harich a systems thinking expert, explains the various forms of deception strategies which politicians like to continually use. He identifies five common deception strategies used by politicians and these are; false promises, false enemies, pushing the fear button, wrong priorities and secrecy. In my opinion, the ZANU (PF) machinery has mastered all of these.

A false promise is a promise that is made but never delivered, or never delivered fully. We can all remember the famous 2 million job false promise of 2013 by ZANU (PF). But more recently, there is a false promise that the economy will recover. If anyone believes that our economy is poised for recovery under ZANU (PF) non reformist policies, corruption and mismanagement, I would advise they go for counselling. Added to this has been the false promise that indigenisation will result in broad ownership of economic assets by ordinary citizens and yet we all know it has only been the ZANU (PF) predatory cabal which has benefited. ZANU (PF)’s false promises are plenty, persistent, unrealistic and ridiculous.

The second deception strategy is where politicians create false enemies and blame them for all the problems, while taking undue credit for all the good things that might happen. This issue of creating false enemies at every turn is further exacerbated by a struggle paradigm which most of our leaders still live in. There is this monumental lie that opposition parties represent Western interests and that the West is always plotting some form of regime change or other. Now everyone who wants Mugabe to go is classified an enemy.

There is this incessant and demeaning lie that blacks can’t think for themselves and must always be representing Western interests and views! This lie has been repeated so many times it has become a truth to the ignorant. The rise of social movements has fed this lie where the ZANU (PF) machinery wants to paint a picture that these are Western sponsored charlatans. Nothing can be further from the truth!

Pushing the fear button has been where ZANU (PF) continues to excel. The recent treatment of war veterans and the continued intimidation of anyone who has a dissenting voice demonstrates this. Instilling fear in citizens and political rivals has worked so well in the past to paralyse any potential dissent but fortunately Zimbabweans are rising thanks to social movements such as #ThisFlag and #Tajamuka.

Rule by instilling fear works to stifle opposition. As Harich says in his paper- “Fear clouds the judgment, making it all the harder to discern whether there really is an enemy out there. Because we cannot be sure, we play it safe and assume there is at least some risk. Fearful people are more dependent, more easily manipulated and controlled.”

Wrong priorities is another form of deception that we are all well aware of. “Wrong priorities stem from hidden agendas. A hidden agenda is a plan or goal a politician must conceal from the public, due to an ulterior motive.” Harich says. “For corrupt politicians such matters come easy, they simply manipulate the public through false promises, create a false enemy, push the fear hot button hard and often, repeat the same lie over and over until it becomes “the truth”.

The fifth deception strategy is that of secrecy. There is so much secrecy that we now have a vibrant secret service industry which employs all and sundry. In addition the secrecy around a significant economic deals by the government continue to present an opportunity for lies, corruption, myths and lack of accountability.

The sad reality is that all these forms of deception have become normal in our society. The race to the bottom is accelerating at full speed helped by President Mugabe and his coterie of thieves.

For me it is no surprise at all that ZANU (PF) has continually relied on these strategies simply because they have nothing to offer Zimbabweans. As we go towards 2018 we ought to be aware of how the state media will be at the centre of accelerating this race to the bottom. We however need not fear and must try not to waste time entertaining such because the end of ZANU (PF) is near.

Another Zimbabwe is possible!

Vince Musewe is an economist and author based in Harare. He is also Secretary for Finance and Economic Affairs for PDP. You may contact him on

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